daycare savings pack
savings labels pack
savings labels pack for school
daycare savings pack
savings labels pack
savings labels pack for school

Labels for Daycare Savings Pack


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A good daycare center requires that you label every single item of your child’s belongings. For good reason too. Imagine the time wasted and unnecessary stress on both staff and the little ones when their favorite t-shirt or sippy cup is handed to the wrong child.

The very small expense and short time it takes to label every item of your child’s clothing, feeding items, shoes and bag is a small price to pay for the significant contribution towards the running of the center and you can be assured that the daycare team appreciate your participation.

When labeling your child's items for daycare, you will need a variety of types. You need labels that adhere to clothing and fabric through wear, tear and hot washes while keeping the color print sharp and easy to see. But you also need stick on labels for food containers, sippy cups and bottles. These must stay on through hand washing and many dishwasher cycles. You will want dfferent sizes of each type too. That is why Starlight Labels has taken all the guesswork out of it. Through years of helping moms prepare their kids for daycare, we know just what must go into a great Daycare Label Pack so we put it all together and have already calculated a discount for you buying items in bulk.


60 Sticky Clothing Tag Labels (.5" x 1")
14 Large Waterproof Labels (2.625" x .75")
20 Medium Waterproof Labels (1.6" x .5")
8 Shoe Labels (1.35" round)

How are Stick On Name Labels for Clothing applied? Stick On Name Labels are applied to the care tag of clothing. They are made to last through all wash cycles.
How are Waterproof Labels used? Make sure that your item is clean and dry. Then simply peel and stick our labels onto all your camp items, shampoo, toothpaste, umbrellas, storage boxes. These waterproof labels will withstand rain and shine and the dishwasher too.
How are the Shoe Labels applied? Simply peel and stick them into your shoes.
How many characters can you print? We can print 1 or 2 lines of text, up to 15 characters per line.

  • Not for children under 3 yrs.
  • All products used by children need supervision. Be aware that constant rubbing or chewing on the labels could cause them to come off. Do not leave your child unattended with the stickers.

We ship fast!  Most Name Labels orders leave our facility within 2 Business Days. Most Garment Labels label orders leave our facility within 4 Business Days.  Remember to give additional time for transit.  Check out all our shipping options here.

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