Getting Crafty


Finish off your handmade products with a beautiful label.

‘Made by…’ label is the perfect finishing touch to a lovingly made crafted item. And, like the signature of an artist on a great work of art, that label tells the world that you take pride in your creativity and skill. A label also makes it easier for others to track you down and commission their own work of art from you. Whether that be a beautiful chunky knit, a handcrafted bandana or a soft baby’s blanket.

Of course your label does not have to say ‘Made by…’. We have had requests for many other messages like ‘Handmade by…’, ‘With love from…’.  You can further personalize your labels with an initial or an icon to represent your specialized skill. The main thing is to let us create a label for you that exemplifies your brand and the pride you take in your craft.

Our creative customers never cease to delight us with the variety of handmade items they affix our labels to. We love to see the pictures! Send an image in and tell us about your products and we might even feature your item on our Facebook page with a shoutout to your website.

Latest Posts for Crafters

Starlight Labels is on Etsy

Crafters are my favorite customers! (Sorry parents and seniors.) Orders for ‘Made by…’ type labels spark my imagination as I wonder what handmade products our labels are destined for. That’s why I’m thrilled to offer a 10% DISCOUNT FROM YOUR NEXT STARLIGHT LABELS ETSY ORDER! Even though I take pleasure in running my business, shipping…

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Crafters Labels with Icon

Crafters! We’ve just launched a new line of crafter’s icons just for you! We have six different icons, especially for crafters. Whether you are sewing, knitting, embroidering, quilting, punch needle, crocheting or anything else, you can choose the one that best illustrates your specialty and use it to give your items that special finishing touch. …

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Clothing Labels for the Crafter

Ok, crafters, I’ve got a confession to make. Economically, the winter season is not the most profitable here at Starlight Labels but I can easily say that I love it the most. As the cold weather settles down on most of us here in the Grand Old USA, our crafting customer’s creativity cranks up and we…

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Custom Labels for Crafters