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Kids are way too busy finding out about the world to worry about losing things.
That’s where Starlight Labels comes in!

There is a very good reason why summer camps, sports clubs, daycare and schools ask to have your child’s belongings labeled. Kids just fly through life at a hundred miles an hour with very little thought to where they might have left their t-shirt or lunchbox.

And given their cavalier attitude to their belongings, you might think they hadn’t a care in the world but you can be sure that any shirt or pair of shorts that goes missing was your kid’s favorite ever item and oh, the tears! So, make it easier on yourself, your kid’s camp counselors, teachers and coaches, label everything!

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Kids Labels Saving Packs

Years of experience of what parents need to successfully pack their kids off to camp, daycare, school or college have given us a pretty good idea of what to include in out name label savings packs. We’ve done all the selecting and combined labels sets in money and time savings packs.

Do Stick On Labels stay stuck on?

Absolutely! Our stick on name labels are designed to STAY on through wash, wear and whatever rough and tumble your kids can throw at them

Are camp labels available separately or only in the savings pack?

All the items in our savings packs are available to buy separately but the packs are designed to save you both time and money.