Blank Sew On Clothing Labels (Qty. 100)


Our high quality, no-fray blank sew-in labels are so flexible and easy to use, that they are one of our most popular selling products. Simply use a permanent marker to customize each label, sew on to any garment and you are good to go.

No more lost clothing at camp or school and much easier laundry management in group living situations such as assisted living facilities, rehab or long-term care centers. Blank sew on labels are available wholesale or for small minimum orders and that makes them ideal for both commercial and home use. See our quantity discounts below.


These blank name labels for clothes have many uses! They are perfect for personalizing clothing items for kids going to school, camp or daycare or for seniors in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab or long-term care centers. These are also used by small businesses and entrepreneurs to identify and keep tabs on all their inventory. Perfect for theaters and costume rentals.

Our high quality blank labels will not fray. Mark them with any permanent marker for a durable marking solution.


  • SIZE OF LABEL: .5″ x 2.25″
  • Labels are pre-cut, no cutting or perforating required.
  • MATERIAL: Polyester (Take note that although our labels are made of material, they do have a plastic feel to them. If you would like a sample before you place an order, please e-mail us at for a sample request. Remember to include your mailing address.)

Additional information

Weight.5 oz

Each set contains 100 labels. All discounts are automatically calculated in the cart.

You buy:You pay:
1 set of labels$7.99 per set
2 to 4 sets of labels$7.50 per set
5 and more sets of labels$7.00 per set

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