college savings pack
school name labels - savings pack
college name labels - saving pack
college savings pack
school name labels - savings pack
college name labels - saving pack

Labels for College Savings Pack


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Exciting as it is to go off to college, there are a lot of things to remember and organize before you go. Starlight Labels has made at least one of the tasks much easier. Our college labels pack contain iron-on labels for clothing to waterproof, dishwasher safe tags for food containers, shoe labels and tags for notebooks and other stationary supplies – everything you will need to clearly label and personalize all your belongings.

Our stickers adhere well to many surfaces so can be used for cosmetics, sports items, umbrellas and much more – all at a great price. Get started with your customization now!

50 Iron On Name Labels (.5" x 1.75")
60 Stick On Labels for Clothing (.5" x 1")
20 Medium Waterproof Labels (1.625" x .5")
17 Mini Labels (1.75" x .25")

How are Iron On Name Labels applied? Our iron on name labels are applied with a regular household iron. They can be applied to any fabric and will stay on through the washer & dryer.
How are Stick On Name Labels applied? Stick On Name Labels are applied to the care tag of clothing. They are made to last through all wash cycles.
How are Waterproof Labels used? Make sure that your item is clean and dry. Then simply peel and stick our labels onto all your camp items, shampoo, toothpaste, umbrellas, storage boxes. These waterproof labels will withstand rain and shine and the dishwasher too.
How are the Shoe Labels applied? Simply peel and stick them into your shoes.

  • Not for children under 3 yrs.
  • All products used by children need supervision. Be aware that constant rubbing or chewing on the labels could cause them to come off. Do not leave your child unattended with the stickers.

We ship fast!  Most Name Labels orders leave our facility within 2 Business Days. Most Garment Labels label orders leave our facility within 4 Business Days.  Remember to give additional time for transit.  Check out all our shipping options here.

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