Clothing Stamp for Camp

Clothing Stamp for Camp

Years ago, as I was preparing for the birth of my second child, I arranged with my sister that when the baby came, she would take my rambunctious young son for a week. That would give me the time to recuperate and bond, while my son would get to roughhouse to his heart's content with his equally energetic cousins.

My practical sister had one caveat. With a houseful of boys of her own, she asked that I label my son's clothes and underwear to make laundry a bit easier. That was when I bought my first clothing stamp. In no time at all, I had stamped my way through my boy's clothes. Not only the ones he was taking to his aunt's - his entire wardrobe.

Camp StampThat first clothes stamp set me back $20, and I am embarrassed to remember that I asked the shopkeeper why it was so expensive. I used that same stamp for years, and it saw both my kids through daycare, school and sports activities and camp.

In fact, I loved that old stamp so much that when we started Starlight Labels, I insisted that we give busy young mothers the option to get a stamp instead of (or as well as) iron on or sew on labels.

Cost of a Clothing Stamp for Camp

Our clothing stamps retail at $24.99. At first glance that might seem expensive compared to the $10.99 cost of 100 clothing labels. In particular, those families who like to order a different set of labels per kid, might think twice about two or three times $24.99. But I know from my own experience that the clothing stamp I bought for labeling my son’s suitcase of clothes more than paid for itself over years of happy stamping.

The Camp Stamp is also an incredible time saver. With all the camp shopping and preparations to do you’ll quickly come to appreciate the time and energy the Camp Stamp saves you. In fact, over the years I have even bought camp stamps for friends who are sending their kids to camp for the first time.

It’s ten years since I bought my laundry stamp and in all that time, I’ve only had to replace the ink pad once. So when considering the cost of the laundry stamp, did I get good value or not? I sure think so!

When to Use a Laundry Stamp

Although my trusty laundry stamp has seen our little family through years of vacations, school, daycare, camp and more, it is not always the best choice for labeling your kid’s belongings. It works best on white or light colored garments so for dark clothes you are better to go for our range of stick on, iron on or sew on labels.

Also, although the stamp ink is indelible on clothes and will last for years of washing, it is not suitable for use on items others than garments. For lunch boxes, utensils, baby bottles and so on, our waterproof and dishwasher-safe labels are a better option.

Families with many kids often buy a Camp Stamp to supplement their label sets. It is much more efficient to stamp everyone’s light colored garments, underwear and socks and save the time necessary for sewing or ironing for the dark items.

The Convenience of Camp Stamps

Now, that my family is larger and my growing kids keep me busier than ever, I am an even bigger fan of spending a few extra dollars to save time. I’m a big believer in investing in products that make household chores easier. Life is so complicated nowadays and there never seems to be enough time so anything that cuts down on repetitive tasks gets my vote!

Many people won’t think twice about shelling out an extra 20 bucks for fashion’s sake or for ready-made food but will frown at spending that same money for convenience. Think of all that you could do with the extra time; spend time with your kids, enjoy nature, or just plain be. When was the last time you did that?

When it comes to the clothing stamp, I tell parents to go for it. It’s clean, it’s neat, it’s fast to apply, it can be reused many times. If the name fades just stamp it again. Make life easy for yourself!

camp stamp
Camp Stamp

The fastest way to label your clothing!

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Name Stamp with Icon

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clothing stamp refill pad
Clothing Stamp Refill Pad

If the ink is fading then it's time to replace your ink pad.

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Easy to Use Name Stamp for Camp

  • Spread article of clothing on a hard, dry surface.
  • Smooth out area that will be stamped and press down on stamp firmly. 
  • Your name should now be imprinted in the clothing. 
  • Do not wash stamped clothing for the next 24 hours.

How to Replace Camp Stamp Pad Refill

  • Press down slightly on top of stamp.
  • Push the button with the arrow in the front center of the stamp.
  • Ink pad should slide out easily.
  • While you’re still pressing down on stamp, insert new inkpad.