About Starlight Labels

Our Mission: Make it easy for moms to identify belongings and businesses to inform customers about caring for their garments.

Starlight Labels was born out of a mother’s frustration.

It all started with a little boy whose super power was making things disappear.... My child was so good at losing t-shirts that I used to joke with him that his secret super power was making things disappear. For my pocketbook and sanity, I had to find a way to label his belongings. The least labor-intensive way to identify everything was to purchase a clothing stamp. It proved to be so useful that I stamped everything from his socks to his favorite yellow hoodie.

A Sticky Problem

Much as I love the clothing stamp, and still use it today, it is not the best solution for all name labeling problems. It doesn’t work well on dark clothes, woolens or textured garments (unless I first sew on a white patch).

I needed a way to label a wider variety of clothing. Plus, as my child was going to daycare with sippy cups, familiar toys, a lunchbox and utensils, I needed to label them too. The answer was waterproof and sew on and iron on labels for the clothing. I was set!

A Star is Born

Soon I was helping friends and family organize name labeling for their own kids. And soon after that I bought my first label printer and started taking orders.

Now several years on, Starlight Labels offers a wide range of identity labels and clothing commercial labels. We offer sew on, iron on and stick on name labels for kids and group homes, and an extensive range of clothing care and content tags for large and small garment manufacturers.

To make things easier and cheaper for busy parents, we also offer convenient label collections for:

  • Daycare
  • School
  • Camp
  • College
  • Our clients, originally only my friends and family, now stretch right across the United States and we sell labels to moms and crafters, clothing manufacturers, business owners and group homes.

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

    No matter if you are a young mom preparing your child for his first summer at camp or a clothing manufacturer who is tagging thousands of garments a month, if you are using Starlight Labels we want you to be happy with your purchase. That's why we do extensive testing to ensure that every label we produce will withstand years of wash and wear. They will not fray, or fall off and the print will not fade. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our labels that we offer a money back guarantee.

    Seeing Stars

    The creativity of our clients delights me and I love to see our labels in use. So if you are using a Starlight Label to brand handcrafted products or to tag the care instructions and fabric content of garments you manufacture, please drop me an email with an image of it in use to let me know.

    Happy Labeling!

    PHONE: (855)5LABELS / 552-2357
    FAX: (718)972-0902
    EMAIL: info@starlightlabels.com