Packing for Camp

Packing for Camp
For experienced summer camp families, packing for camp is a breeze. They have it down to a fine art. Pack too much and you kid may take up more space than is allotted to him or her, don't pack enough and your kid may run out of dry and clean clothes, or be missing toothpaste or a hairbrush.

Camp Packing Lists

Whichever camp you have chosen will have its own packing list. Here are a few examples:

Type of Camp

Outdoor based campsThe type of summer camp and its location will effect the final list. A horse riding or sports camp is going to have very different requirements that one dedicated to music, art or academics. Camps located in the mountains may need more layers of clothing. It can get cool up there, even in summer. Those ranged around lakes or bodies of water will require more swimsuits and towels.

So, as you can see there can be no perfect packing list for camp. You really do have to check with the camp you have chosen, not only about what your child is required to bring - also check out items that are prohibited. Examples of these might be electrical extension cords, and jewelry.

The camp may also advise against certain items like expensive items of clothing or mobile phones. Whatever your child feels about a digital detox, it is the camp that sets the rules on what you can and can't bring so be sure to check on this.

There is a fine balance balance between packing everything and the kitchen sink and not packing enough.  What is the SMART PACKING LIST from

The owners of PACKFORCAMP.COM were selling summer camp gear way before they launched their website.  In fact, they've been doing this way before websites even existed therefore they are well aware that each camp has their preferred packing list.

That's why they partnered with many summer camps and show each camp's individual list on their website. Find your camp's name on the camp list and click on it and you'll feel right at home with real life images of the camp and all their recommended products all on one page.  Simply add your quantities and add all the items to the cart with 1 click.  How's that for a hassle free experience!

Your camp is not listed?  There's a separate boy's packing list and girl's packing list here.

PACKFORCAMP.COM is geared for today's parent who are juggling multiple roles and want to buy all their overnight camp supplies in one place. Plus, if you have any question simply contact customer service.  They're absolutely great!