Clothing Labels for the Crafter

Clothing Labels for the Crafter

Ok, crafters, we've got a confession to make.

Economically, the winter season is not the most profitable here at Starlight Labels but I can easily say that I love it the most. As the cold weather settles down on most of us here in the Grand Old USA, our crafting customer’s creativity cranks up and we get an influx of order with text like Made with Love by etc. It seems as the weather gets colder, all you crafters stay warmer by getting ever more creative and productive. And I love it!

My crafting friends, please keep those creative order coming in. As we print clothing labels for crafters with texts like, Lovingly Made by Nan or Hand Knit in Kansas by Lisa I let my imagination run wild. I wonder about the labor of love that went into each and every handcrafted item that our clothing labels will be applied to. The giver invested his gift of time with their specialty, be it sewing, knitting, crocheting, punch needle, needle art. The options are truly endless.....

It brings to mind images of simpler times when our youngsters were taught to stitch samplers in their spare time, when entire families sat around in the cozy warmth each evening and enjoyed each other’s company. Seems to me that today’s crafters are answering a call within themselves to slow down from the frenetic pace in our modern world, to opt out from the superficial plastic dazzle of consumerism that lures all of us in.

In my own home, my family is currently working on a beautiful 1,000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger. Each evening the struggle repeats itself as I battle to tear myself away from my never-ending daily tasks to spend this special quality time with my kids. Once I actually sit down with the puzzle and the kids, I find myself in a different realm. I feel as if I’ve traveled to a different place where life is simpler, somewhere where I can simply enjoy my interaction with my kids, where all of us focus on one simple task at a time, and enjoy the tangible, visible progress our creation reveals each and every day. I find that it’s a great way to teach my kids perseverance in our modern world of ease. When we started, I told my son, “If we want to actually finish this puzzle, we’ve got to do it every single day and persevere till it’s done. No putting it aside for later or you’ll just have another unfinished project.

Making a puzzle is definitely not as satisfying as finishing a craft that the crafter actually plans on their own. The end result of our puzzle will be a piece of art, but the actual art was not designed by us, or color coordinated to match a room or mood or relationship that the giver might have with the recipient of their handmade gift.

I actually feel jealous of the lucky recipients of your gifts; they are not getting just another generic store bought product. They’re getting a gift with a special touch and a piece of the giver’s heart.

Where does Starlight Labels come in to all this?

Once your precious handiwork is done, we provide the professional looking label to affix to your project. Our most economical labels are $10.99 per set of 100 so they won’t take a big bite out of your gift giving budget and are available in both Sew On or Iron On. Yes, there are clothing label companies out there that offer beautiful customized multi-colored or woven labels to affix to your creations, but they charge a price to match. We understand that many crafters out there are looking to save and we’re pleased to offer a professional looking label that is actually affordable.

Our clothing labels are clearly printed professional labels with the look and feel of your standard care label. Our labels will add a neat little touch to your creation without taking the visual focus away from your handiwork. Add a little twist to it by using red or blue ink or one of our different fonts or icon options. You crafters are our most creative customers, choosing the most diverse customers combination of colors, font, icons or initial options.

Add a little oomph to your clothing label by choosing one of our assorted options:

  • Script or Monotype Corsiva font for a homemade touch
  • Crafting Icon that represents you
  • Simply add your initial to the clothing label
  • Create a completely customized label with any image that you send us for just $15.99 per 100.

Here are some samples of text that is favored by our crafters:

Made in Kansas by - Made by - Made with Love by - Handcrafted by - Lovingly sewn by - Sewn by - Crocheted by - Knitted by - Designed by - Made Especially for you by - Made with you in mind....