Starlight Labels is on Etsy

Starlight Labels is on Etsy

Crafters are my favorite customers! (Sorry parents and seniors.) Orders for 'Made by" type labels spark my imagination as I wonder what handmade products our labels are destined for. That's why I'm thrilled to offer a 10% DISCOUNT FROM YOUR NEXT STARLIGHT LABELS ETSY ORDER!

Even though I take pleasure in running my business, shipping hundreds of name labels a week can get pretty boring and monotonous.   That's why I am offering a 10% DISCOUNT FROM YOUR NEXT ORDER FROM OUR SHOP ON ETSY!

They spark my imagination and get my creative juices flowing. That's what Etsy is all about.  Browsing on Etsy is like wading in a pool where creativity and imagination run amok.  The resourcefulness and originality of their sellers never cease to amaze me.   I derive inspiration from the hundreds of artists that create actual and digital items to sell, combining the use of their creative minds and their hands.

Comparatively, our labels are simple and maybe even uninspiring but they are the perfect finishing touch for many Etsy sellers who add their name to their products with a label from Starlight. They're a customized item and that's one of Etsy's specialties. CLICK HERE TO GET 10% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER FROM OUR SHOP ON ETSY.

Happy Labeling!