Customer Spotlight - Green Bag Lady

Customer Spotlight - Green Bag Lady

Meet the "Green Bag Lady"

Green Bag LadyTeresa VanHatten-Granath, fondly known as the Green Bag Lady and her international team of volunteer "Bagettes", have been changing the world one bag at a time, since 2008.

The Green Bag Lady is an eco-friendly art project, collecting donated fabric and making reusable bags to give away for FREE in exchange for the promise to refuse paper + plastic when shopping.

Starting off with only a single sewing machine and a handful of bags given away to family and friends, to date, the Green Bag Lady has donated over 57,000 bags all over the world.

Who is the Green Bag Lady?


Get Involved with the Green Bag lady

Donate Fabric
Donate Fabric
Donations of fabric are what keeps enables GBL to give away FREE eco-bags. Follow the link if you would like to donate fabric.

Donate Fabric

GBL Bag Pattern
Make your own Green Lady Bag from extra fabric you have in the house. Follow the link to find the pattern and instructions.

GBL Bag Pattern

Start a Chapter
Start a Chapter
GBL Bags are used in more than 3600 US and 1,700 cities world wide! Start your own chapter and save the world, one bag at a time.

Global Locations

Green Bag Lady and Starlight Labels

Asked about her experience with Starlight Labels, Teresa says:

Our experience with Starlight Labels has been amazing. Lottie is so easy to work with and has helped us customize the labels to fit our needs. They are perfect for our bags!

Starlight Labels on Green Bags

Going Global


ARIZONA--Peoria (Bagette Leslie)
CALIFORNIA--Concow (Bagette Emilia)
CALIFORNIA--Gualala (Bagette Gail)
CALIFORNIA--Twain (Bagette Peggy)
CALIFORNIA--Upland (Bagette Shanna + Bagette Bonnie)
COLORADO--SW Denver Area (Teresa VanHatten-Granath, founder)
COLORADO--Parker (Bagette Marianne)
CONNECTICUT--Trumbull (Bagette Adam)
FLORIDA--Palm Bay Area (Bagette Carol)
FLORIDA--Pensacola (Bagette Dee)
GEORGIA--Atlanta (Bagette Nancy)
GEORGIA--Atlanta (Bagette Anna)
LOUISIANA--Monroe (Bagette Angela)
MASSACHUSETTS--Boston Area (Bagette Meg)
MASSACHUSETTS--Hopkinton (Bagette Pat)
MINNESOTA--Twin Cities Area (Bagette Jen + Bagette Dad)
NEW JERSEY--Morris Plains (Bagette Liz)
NEW JERSEY--Warren (Bagette Cindy)
NEW YORK--Brewster (Bagette Dorene)
NEW YORK--Cortland (Bagettes Jane + Patrizia)
NEW YORK--Syracuse Area (Bagette Margaret)
NEW YORK--Westchester (Bagette Dina)
OREGON--Albany (Bagette Andrea)
OREGON--Bend (Bagette Chris)
SOUTH CAROLINA--Charleston (Bagette Rebecca)
TENNESSEE--Knoxville Area (Bagette Sara)
TENNESSEE--Nashville Area (Bagette Ann + Bagette April)
TEXAS--Katy (Bagette Sabrina)
TEXAS--Kyle (Bagette Jessie)
TEXAS--Murphy (Bagette Lorelei)
TEXAS--Waco Area (Bagette Keri)
VERMONT--Essex Junction (Bagette Julia)
WASHINGTON--Seattle Area (Bagette Bell + Bagette Barbara)
WASHINGTON--Port Angeles (Bagette Theresa)
WEST VIRGINIA--Spencer (Bagette Anita)
WYOMING- - Cheyenne (Bagette Becca)


AUSTRALIA--Newtown (Bagette Anna)
AUSTRALIA--Melbourne (Bagette Helen)
CANADA--Chilliwack (Bagette Linda)
CANADA--Ontario (Bagette Cindy)
CANADA--Vancouver Area (Bagette Ali)
GERMANY--Bavaria (Bagette Michaela)
GERMANY--Berlin (Bagette Audrey)
GERMANY--Wunstorf (Bagette Nicol)
GREECE--Chania Lentariana (Bagette Eleni)
MALAYSIA-- SGR/KUL (Bagette Jennifer)
NEW ZEALAND--(Bagette Olive)
RUSSIA-- Chuvash (Bagette Natalia)
SPAIN-- Mallorca (Bagette Andrea)
THE NETHERLANDS--Amsterdam (Bagette Ida)
THE NETHERLANDS--North Holland (Bagette Marrigje + Bagette Emma)
THE NETHERLANDS--North Holland, Velsen (Bagette Jane)
THE NETHERLANDS--Oost-Nederland (Bagette Ingeborg + Dieuwertje)
THE NETHERLANDS--Tilburg--(Bagette Margriet)
UKRAINE--Zaporizhia (Bagette Liia)


Fabric donation locations:
UK--West Yorkshire (Bagette Jo)
UK--Dorset (Bagette Sam)
UK--Wales (Bagette Rachel)
UK--Rotherham (Bagette Jenn)

What is next for Green Bag Lady?

Green Bag Lady will continue to grow throughout 2019 and beyond, adding new chapters across the US and the world.