Customer Spotlight - Snowy Mountain Horse Shop

Customer Spotlight - Snowy Mountain Horse Shop

Meet Timea McKay

Timea MckayWe could not wish for a better introduction to our Customer Spotlight series. Please meet the irrepressible Timea McKay, owner of the Snowy Mountain Horse Shop and proud member of the Made in Montana program.

As you can tell from the image, Timea's first love is horses but her passion for creating one of a kind products for horse-lovers comes a very close second.

The Snowy Mountain Horse Shop offers a range of unique, personalized items for horse lovers including handmade and embroidered polo wraps, quarter sheets, saddle covers, tail bags, stirrup covers, fly protection leg wraps, fly masks and embroidered towels and more. Timea's philosophy meshes very well with our own - high quality and fast turnaround! We hear you, girl!

Featured Products

Stable CoversPolo Wraps - Stable Covers

A wide range of wraps to keep your horse warm in Montana's cool mountain climate.

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Snowball Cat BallHorse Lovers T-Shirts

From My Horse Ate My Paycheck to Coffee Up Cowgirl, lots of choice for horse lovers.

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Embroidered SetsEmbroidered Sets

There are many embroidered sets to choose from - or request your own custom-made!

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As if running her popular shop is not enough, Timea is also actively supporting the riding community by sponsoring talented young riders worldwide. To mention only a few, the Snowy Mountain Horse Shop currently sponsors:

  • Miss Rodeo Montana 2019
  • Miss Rodeo New York 2019
  • Miss Rodeo Pennsylvania 2018
  • Miss Rodeo Warwick Australia 2018
  • Many other State Champions and Junior National Finalists

Snowy Mountain Horse Shop and Starlight Labels

Asked about her experience with Starlight Labels, Timea says:

I do use Starlight Labels on every single item I create, on some items are more visible than others. I need to mention that, the we love the excellent quality! Horses can be pretty rough on gear and it has never ever happened that a label came off or faded.

Starlight Label on Wraps

What is next for Snowy Mountain Horse Shop?

There is an exciting new line of made-to-order English saddle pads with matching polo sets coming up. These are guaranteed to be the envy of the circuit so be sure to get your order in early! Find Timea and the lovely Snowy Mountain Horse Shop products:

Starlight Label