Customer Spotlight - The Cat Ball

Customer Spotlight - The Cat Ball

Say Hi to The Cat Ball

Jennifer Boaro from the Cat BallThere's no question that cats are weird. No-one knows that better than cat lover Jennifer Boaro and her partner Chris, who have two oddball cats of their own, Retro and Tink.

The two cats and their humans are the team behind Cat Ball, the fun and functional softly structured cat beds that were invented by Jennifer almost by accident.

Jennifer, who has a degree in apparel design, was working as a costume designer when she was asked to make soccer ball mascot costumes for a sports team. Because she was unfamiliar with the materials she proposed to use, she started by creating a miniature soccer ball costume.

As it turns out the small scale soccer costume turned out to make a hugely popular cat bed - and lucky Retro and Tink get to be the product testers and catalog models for any new designs.


Feline Good in Cat Ball Beds

Cat Ball Styles

Cat Ball Styles

A selection of Cat Balls in a wide variety of matching fabrics and styles including some novelty editions like dog and spider (yes, spider!) balls.

Find the Perfect Cat Ball

Snowball Cat Ball

Snowball Cat Ball

If you have a feline in your life who is just a total princess, this beautiful white and fluffy cat ball bed may be the one you need.

The Cat Ball for a Princess

Bit Cat Canoe Beds

Cat Ball Styles

There are Cat Canoes for larger cats, made in the same quality and colorful fabrics. These have a wider base and high walls.

Cat Canoes for Big Kitty


The Cat Balls and Starlight Labels

Asked about her experience with Starlight Labels, Jennifer says:

I rely on Starlight Labels for all of my custom label printing. They give fast turnaround on printing for the custom printing labels. I've been really impressed with their customer service. Once my order had confusing information in it and Customer Service called me, asked the questions they needed, and sent out exactly what I had tried to order.

Care Label from Starlight LabelsA care label from Starlight Labels against a beautiful Cat Ball fabric selection

The Cat Ball Plans for 2019

Our Shark Cat Ball® cat bed is very popular, and we are almost done prototyping two new novelty cat beds to go with him - a horse Cat Ball® and a unicorn Cat Ball®!

Where Can You Find Cat Ball Beds?

You can order The Cat Ball products online and ship them internationally. They are also available in various stores around the US where you can go in and check them out for yourself. Click here for a Store Locator.